"Dave and Freddie will unlock the potential for musicians at every level to make incredible a cappella albums while saving thousands of dollars. They are ready and willing to give away all of the best secrets in the business. Don't miss it!"
        -Julia Hoffman
        President, Contemporary A cappella Society (CASA)
        Director, Contemporary A cappella Recording Awards (CARAs)
        Executive Producer, SING Compilation Series

"Any list of a cappella all-stars would include Dave Brown and Freddie Feldman! Having had the pleasure of working with both over many years, I can attest to their depth of experience, their breadth of knowledge, and their irreplaceable, personable warmth. If you want to revolutionize your approach to recording a cappella, Brown's and Feldman's A Cappella Boot Camp comes highly recommended!"
        - Ben Stevens, Review Coordinator, Recorded A cappella Review Board (RARB)

"What a tremendous opportunity for singers, both young and old, to learn the ropes of recording. Freddie and Dave are well respected authorities and leaders in our community. And they're first-class teachers, too. Any group looking to take control of their albums would do well to attend."
        - Amanda Newman, Executive Director, Varsity Vocals, ICCA/ICHSA, BOCA series

What People Are Saying about Dave Brown:

"Dave is a sort of freakish pariah of contemporary a cappella music - his intuition for style and ear for great musicality, overwhelming knowledge of a cappella recording new and old through his critical research and review, staggering success in the formation and management of new groups, and ability to market and promote any recording, concert, group or website make him an invaluable asset to the vocal music community at large. It doesn't hurt that he's a natural teacher and one of the nicest guys I know - if you've an ounce of sense, you'll attend ABC!"
        - Christopher Diaz, CARA nominator & judge, ICCA Finals judge

"Dave Brown has a heart of gold lungs of foam and the ass of a twelve year old girl."
        - Nate Altimari, firedrill!

"If you have never taken a class with Dave, your aca-life is not complete! In just a few hours of work, his knowledge and expertise have given my group the detail and precision that helped make it all the way to ICCA Finals. Imagine what he could teach you in 5 days!!"
        - Shane Fuhrman, University of Georgia Accidentals

"Dave Brown knows more about the world of a cappella than Bobby McFerrin knows about singing."
        - Ben McLain, Sonos

What People Are Saying about Freddie Feldman:

"My deepest respect. You are awesome.... Bravo! I immediately fell in love with your sound."
        - Peter Bach, Basix, Denmark

"Thanks again for all the pre-recording assistance; all the insight you provided really gave me some great strategies to work with, and it truly made for a much more efficient and successful experience."
        - Brian Brandler, Kol Echad, Boston University

"Freddie you rule. What I've heard so far is confirming my belief that you are amazing!"
        - Mark Almy, Music Director of On A Sensual Note, American University

"If You Love Somebody (Set Them Free) is also highly notable, this time for its red-hot sizzle. Seriously, stand back or you'll get burned."
        - Kimmie Raschka Sailor, RARB Reviewer

"The production is stellar; the group decided to go with a plethora of producers from around the world. Freddie Feldman of VOCOMOTION seems to have found a new calling by aligning himself with this group. His work on two of the grooviest tunes Why Do We Always Wait and High On Life (In The Slow Lane) is excellent, and the gut-wrenching emotion he brought out from my favorite song Cry Out For Muses could make it one of the best songs of all time."
        - Tekay, RARB Reviewer